3 Rainy Self- Care Activities + Essentials

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As of late, this Spring weather in Ontario has been severely unpredictable. I guess the saying of April showers bring May flowers reigns true. But it's all good, because rainy (and even snowy) days provide us with that much more opportunity for the intentional practice of self-care. Truthfully, rainy days provide a lot of us with the time that is needed to reconnect with ourselves. To slow down. To love on ourselves so that we are better able to take on the following tasks and days ahead.
In this blog post we'll explore the perfect, yet simple ways to enjoy the gloomy days instead of despising them. As look towards the sunny summer days ahead let us first be present and relish in what we are currently experiencing, all while keeping our wellbeing and health at the forefront. As Paulo Coelho so beautifully put it, "if you want to see a rainbow you have to learn to see the rain." Now let's dive in! 
1. Diffuse Essential Oils During Your Yoga/Meditation Practice
Awaken your senses and your body with this one as you provide yourself with the opportunity to become more relaxed and centered. Essential oils are so powerful to our mental health, as is meditation. Just like we love to exercise, train and stretch out our physical body, our minds can benefit from doing the same. Our Rise Essential Oil Blend has hints of peppermint that are perfect for those of you who are looking to reduce stress and improve your mental function and clarity at the start of your day. Or if you'd rather implement a good yoga sesh in to the end of your day, then the Recovery Essential Oil blend would be perfect to diffuse as its main ingredient of lavender promotes a good and restful sleep. The tea tree oil in this same blend is also known to be very calming and soothing to our bodies, as it purifies and freshens our physical environment. Are you seeing how quick and easy it can be to construct an in-home yoga and meditation centre or area? Now all you have to do is roll out your yoga mat and feel as your mind and body benefit from this self-caring moment of solitude.
2. Sip On A Warm Cup Of Tea And Pick Up A Good Read
I'm convinced that rainy days were made for reading and bookworms alike. Reading is another great way to exercise and enhance your brain function. It not only brings us joy to dive into a world of imagination, or awakening, or adventure... it also helps us to stay sharp, and open to new ideas and worldviews. What better thing to pair with our latest read, than a soothing, warm and comforting cup of steeped tea. You know the kind where you can actually taste and pinpoint the robust flavours that have been mindfully crafted and put together to make a tea that just screams wellness. And not to mention happiness! As our sister Oprah shared, "As the tea steeps, my head clears; as the flavours develop, my thoughts come into focus. I get centered, I get calm." It's clearly so much more than just a cup of tea. It's a whole experience, it's a solid reminder of what it means to be present and there with yourself-for yourself. Our signature berry bliss tea blend pairs perfectly with a good read, as the bursting flavours of berries high in antioxidants work to improve brain function as well!
3. Nourish Your Body And Soul As You Experiment With Sea Moss Gel
This one is for those of you who still like to be up and about within your home on a rainy day. You can grab one of our ever so popular jars of sea moss gel to experiment with as you add it to your favourite smoothie, soup, or baking recipes and more. The taste is not over powering and the benefits are endless. As the name suggests, sea moss gets its nutrients and minerals from the rocks in the ocean. It is known and greatly used around the world to help improve digestion, boost immunity and increase metabolism. There is no doubt that this too can be an act of self-care, as you are being intentional about increasing your health and wellbeing by implementing this powerful source of nature into your life! For all the plant lovers, even mixing a bit of this gel with water and feeding it to your home plants will help to provide them with nutrients they need and growth that you'll love too!
So, there you have it... 3 easy, self-loving activities to look forward to doing on the next rainy days that approach us as I'm sure that there will be a few more ahead.  Remember that rain is necessary and is most often seen as a Blessing in many cultures, religions and spiritual practices. It replenishes the soil and the plants of the Earth, and gives us the opportunity to do the same for ourselves. Enjoy the Moments ! 
Written by Shezel G 


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